Gnotec divests Habo and Motala and employs new CEO

Gnotec AB has signed a sales agreement with the company NordiQ MH AB to divest its two companies in Habo and Motala. The buyer NordiQ MH AB is a Swedish based industrial company co-owned by Mr Stefan Ottosson, currently CEO of the Gnotec Group. The closing will take place on June 30th. Mr Ottosson has therefore decided to leave his position as CEO of Gnotec, however, he will support Gnotec during the transition phase.


Mr Jörgen Oldenstedt has been appointed as new CEO of the Gnotec Group. Mr Oldenstedt has a long experience in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry, previously working as MD for Gnutti Carlo and other management positions at Finnveden Powertrain and Volvo Cars. He has an engineering and MBA degree. Mr Oldenstedt will take up his position on July 1st.


Dr. Martin Sailer, Chairman of the Board of Gnotec AB, comments the changes:

“Gnotec has had a very successful development over the last years under Mr Ottosson’s leadership. The divestment of the companies in Habo and Motala follows our strategic plan. We are pleased that Mr Oldenstedt will join us and continue the development of the Gnotec Group.”


For more information, please contact:

Martin Sailer, Chairman of the Board, Gnotec AB, +43 676 849 10728

Bo Isacson, CFO, Gnotec AB, tel. +46 10 498 1394

Stefan Ottosson, CEO, Gnotec AB, tel. +46 730 361422


Mr Jörgen Oldenstedt


New top modern press hall in Čadca, Slovakia


During 2016 the Gnotec group has been awarded new businesses to an annual value of 36 M€ from major OEM and Tier1 customers. The current turnover of 110 M€ is expected to increase by 50% to 2020. The growth is especially strong in Slovakia and China.

To be able to accommodate the new business taken to the Gnotec plant in Čadca, Slovakia, a top modern press hall of 1700 m2 has been built. The press hall houses six automatic press lines ranging from 200 to 500 tonnes and a fully automatic scrap handling system for increased efficiency. Space and foundations for another two press lines have already been prepared. One of the new presses is a 200 ton Servopress which gives Gnotec Čadca access to the latest technology in automatic pressing.

Stefan Ottosson, CEO of Gnotec, comments the investment: “The extension of our plant in Čadca strengthens our position on the European market and is an important step in our growth strategy.”

The new press hall in Čadca will be inaugurated at a customer event on June 1-2, 2017.


Gnotec Habo wins Axxos Productivity Award 2016

Gnotec Habo was awarded the prize for long-term and structured improvement work resulting in major improvement of availability and productivity.

Since the introduction of Axxos OEE in operations Gnotec had a strong commitment to developing its production monitoring. Champions and role models like Magnus Stangdell and others have helped make Gnotec to highly qualified users of Axxos OEE and to the continuous improvement of the production. Only in the last 18 months, the availability of the plant in Habo increased by 24%. Over a longer period, Gnotec increased its total productivity measures from 67% in 2011 to over 90% in 2016.

– It’s great that we are recognized for our work. Improvement work is often not very glamorous, but is characterized by long-term patient work that gradually leads to results. Within Gnotec we have a strong focus on production monitoring and Lean work and I am pleased that we can present figures showing that it produces results, says Magnus Stangdell, Production Manager, Gnotec Habo AB.

Claes Gunnarsson CEO Axxos, Magnus Stangdell, Production Manager, and Kristoffer Emanuelsson, Production Supervisor, Gnotec Habo AB.


Gnotec Cadca expands and invests in a Servo press line

Seyi servopressGnotec Cadca, Slovakia, has taken a lot of orders recently and is now investing in a new press shop and a 200t SEYI servo press line. Among the new customers in Cadca are two premium passenger car manufacturers.

The new press shop will have the latest technologies for scrap and tool handling and also a new SEYI SD2-200 direct driven servo press line. Based on Gnotecs own experience, servo press technology gives significantly improved performance and quality compared to conventional presses.

The new press shop and servo press will be in production during autumn 2016. This investment will further strengthen Gnotecs position and capability to serve automotive customers in Eastern Europe.


Paccar/DAF 2015 Quality Achievement

Gnotec Cadca’s outstanding quality performance during 2015 has been recognised by Paccar/DAF. Only suppliers with less than 10 ppm are given the 2015 Quality Achivement recognition. This is a great achievement by Gnotec Cadca and an inspiration for the whole Gnotec group.



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Gnotec takes new big order in China


Gnotec bags a delightful new order with an annual value of EUR 8 million to its plant in Kunshan, China. The order consists of pressed and welded body components for passenger cars developed by the Chinese automobile manufacturer Geely in collaboration with Volvo Cars. Production in China is set to start in 2017.

Stefan Ottosson, CEO of Gnotec, comments the order: “This order is a great achievement and an important step forward for our Chinese plant. There will be more cars built on the same platform. Chances are therefore good that our business will expand both in China and in Europe.”


Gnotec opens Sales and Engineering Office in Brazil

Gnotec opened on the 4th of May 2015 a Sales and Engineering Office in Curitiba, Brazil. The move into Brazil is in line with Gnotec’s growth strategy. The plan is to start manufacturing during 2016.

“Many of Gnotec’s customers are located in Brazil and our office here will strengthen our cooperation with them”, says Peter Gustafsson, Sales Manager for Gnotec in Brazil.


The project is co-funded by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

Brazil flag


Gnotec invests in Servopress technology

The first monoblock servo press in Scandinavia has been installed at Gnotec in Kinnared, Sweden. The servo press, delivered by the German company Schuler, is a complete press line with a press force of 400 metric tons.

The servo press technology is very flexible and efficient. The technology makes it possible to individually program the stroke height as well as the forming speed. Besides a significant boost of capacity, the technology also leads to a dramatic reduction of energy consumption and lower tool maintenance.

“The new servo press gives Gnotec Kinnared a significant and welcome increase of capacity. New orders and our customers’ demands for new materials were important factors when we decided to invest in a servo press”, says Lennart Magnusson, Plant manager at Gnotec Kinnared.

“Technologies that enhances both efficiency and quality are important ingredients to our company for the future. The servo press gives Gnotec access to the latest technology for sheet metal production”, says David Gustafsson, Operations manager of Gnotec.



Gnotec receives award from Volvo Cars China

Gnotec has received an prestigious award from Volvo Cars in China for “Best localisation support during 2014”. The award is a great achievement by the teams in China and Europe and a milestone in the development of our Chinese operation.