it work

This is what we love to do. Evolve, develop
and solve, through experience and smart,
creative thinking.




Our working approach is to regard each product as unique which calls for
task-specific expertise combined with professional assessment and handling.
Having worked closely with the leading companies in the automotive industry,
we have amassed solutions for most problems in the sector.


We work with the latest CAD/CAM and MRP software – all the way from initial 3D models,
via AQP engineering and tooling to the finished product. Our knowledge of material
properties and forming, combined with innovations in process development, enables us
to offer cost-effective solutions. With more than 70 years in the industry, we can guide
you quickly and efficiently from initial concept to finished product.


We regard ourselves as a business partner, working alongside the customer with the optimum solution as our common goal. Our customer relations therefore tend to be strong and long-term – in fact when we reach the end of a project we are often already involved in the next one.


Our expertise is here for you, ready to Make it work!




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