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We offer state of the art processes and solutions
for different volumes, materials, thicknesses,
complexities and applications.







We have automatic stamping, using both progressive and transfer tools, in modern press lines up to 1250 tonnes. We handle tools up to 5.6m in length weighing up to 25 tonnes. We offer pressing of complex 3D geometries with tight tolerances in volumes ranging from a few prototypes to several million.




Resistance welding

We have extensive capacity for resistance welding. Our welding machines have a unique level of automation. Our unique standard for welding tools gives us considerable flexibility with short set-up times and efficient, disruption-free production.



Arc welding

We offer high capacity and excellent quality in cost-effective robot welding cells using welding fixtures up to 2.5 m in length. Manual welding is offered as a complement when serial sizes do not permit robotised welding.





We offer quality-assured assembly of products in both high and low volumes, packed and delivered all over the world. Special-purpose assembly machines are developed and built when required to assure quality and keep costs to a minimum.




Our tool shop is used for production, repair and maintenance of all existing types of tools. Our personnel are experienced and well-trained and use the latest technologies. We work closely with several of the most knowledgeable toolmakers in the world.




We assume responsibility throughout the whole project phase, from idea to concept proposal, including design, engineering, prototyping, validation and testing. We have in-house engineering resources with CAD tools such as Catia and Solid Works.




We have built up our own prototype workshop to focus exclusively on this crucial area. We work with all kinds of basic materials and using everything from hand-drawn sketches to advanced CAD models. We also co-operate with external prototype manufacturers.




We communicate with our customers electronically and constantly update our business systems in line with new requirements, rules and regulations. We deliver worldwide and have a well-organised and computerised logistics function.



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