Care for Sustainability

Sustainable Business

We embrace and promote safety, fair treatment of people, ethical business and protection of the environment.

Care for the environment

We minimize waste and pollution, be it energy use, transportation or material handling. Our local presence shall be responsible and respectful also regarding the environment.

Care for values

We act ethically and according to applicable laws and regulations. We do business with partners that follow the same high standards as we do for a sound business and sustainable values.

Care for people's safety

Safety always comes first. Instructions and equipment should always be up to date and used properly. Safety training is mandatory, part of the on-boarding and recurrent, for everyones´ safety.

Care for the individual

We have a human centric culture, an open and friendly spirit where co-workers respect each other and we promote diversity - it makes us better and the world as well

Tell Us

One of our values is Trust. Everyone working at, or with, Gnotec Group should be comfortable raising questions or concerns about any ethical issues or non-compliance. If you want to report a question Reporting line *Link*

Our Sustainability Report

How we act

Its not just about what we do, its about how we do it. Our Code of Conduct ensures that we conduct business in an ethical and responsible way.


If you have any questions at all about Sustainability or the latest Report, please do contact us with the following details: Gnotec Group Corporate Communications/Sustainability SE – 517 55 Gothenburg, Sweden GNOTECAB.INFO@GNOTEC.COM