Our company at a glance

We have developed and produced metal components since 1947.The first Automotive components was locking details for Volvo Cars PV and the Volvo Amazon. Today, Frauenthal Gnotec Group is a leading international manufacturer of metal components to the Automotive and Commercial Vehicle industry. Our Company has a long history of Swedish entrepreneurship with innovative and hard working people- an attitude that still permeates our values: Trust, Smart Thinking and Teamwork. We have manufacturing and R&D operations in every part of the world, Asia, Europe and US.


Frauenthal Gnotec and its people are proud of developing and supplying premium products to the Global Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Industry and by that generating increasing value for all stakeholders and successful sustainable business.​

Sustainable Business

We have managed to be in the business for many years and our commitment is long term. A healthy profitability is the basis and efficiency, quality, continuous improvement and adding value in all we do is how we reach our goals.



Our open, collaborative work environment, respect for people and innovative approach enable us to grow.