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Sustainability report Gnotec Group

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Gnotec Cadca, Slovakia
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ISO 14001


Gnotec Sweden
ISO 9001
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ISO 14001


Gnotec Kunshan, China

ISO 9001
IATF 16949
ISO 14001


Gnotec Inc, US



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Logistic Guidelines

Logistic Guidelines

Packaging Material Requirements
Standard Packing Surcharge
Requirements for Used Wooden Frames and Pallets


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Gnotec Group is a leading manufacturer of metal components and products to the global Automotive and Commercial Vehicle industry. Our operations in China, Czechia, Germany, Slovakia, Sweden and US has more than 1300 employees and offer state of the art technology in Automatic pressing, Welding and Assembly. We offer processes and solutions for different materials, thicknesses, complexities and applications. High automation together with lean manufacturing, Continuous improvement and Zero Defect Principle are our DNA at each plant, performed by highly skilled employees.